Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Rain Drop's Self Esteem

It was a busy street that morning. A very crowded one. Astonishingly, everybody could find some space to nestle themselves. It seemed that the world was a sea and everybody had a boat to travel in. We don't know each other personally. We see each other every other wet day. But somehow we never get the time to stop and talk. It has always been like this.

So this fateful day, I managed to halt at an unknown place. I saw others over there. Some of them were dancing. Some were singing. Some were playing. Some were talking. This place is heaven, I thought. People from our community don't even bother to look at each other. I went ahead and danced with the dancing group, but they laughed at me as I couldn't flow to their rhythm. I went and joined the singing group, but they rejected me, as I couldn't sing their sound.

I wore a sad expression. I began to walk backwards to my community. I felt low and unhappy. "Cheeeeeese", a happy face screamed. And just then, something flashed and winked at me. That happened again, and again, and again. The happy face looked happier and satisfied. So I thought, "Hey, I can't dance, I can't sing; but I can pose for the winking machine!"

I became the talk of the town, including my community. Yes, they started talking to each other. A new group thus came into place called The Wink and Pose Group. And I am the leader of that group.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Life of a Running Mind

She was running. In fact, she was heavily panting. Profuse drops of sweat ran on her neck, her back. Her legs were tired. Her mind was still active, though. She had a 22-year-old body which, fortunately, was vigilantly in touch with her mind. She was running straight. She kept in mind not to disturb or hurt any entity during her journey. She had a goal to follow the straight path, and follow the road. Sometimes she felt like changing her track and taking a turn, but her mind did not permit her since Home was close. She did not want them to know her act of disobedience. So she did what was expected of her.

Since her early years, she had been told the do's and don'ts of living. Her parents told her to do what her elder brother did. Her elder sibling did what the parents said. She did not want to be a puppet crafted with lifeless strings. So, she ran. She ran without an end. She ran without a destination. She ran without any limit. But she ran straight.

When she had traversed a long distance from home, she changed her track. She turned right. She breathed in a new air. A new air of freedom, a new air of satisfaction. She felt like an individual. The 22-year-old puppet realized the existence of a soul in her. She ran happily. She ran like she was dancing. She ran like pounding drum beats. She ran like a haunting violin being played in the sea. She ran how a dog pleads for a bone with the tongue sticking out. She ran like a child crying for love. She ran with arms open wide letting go of the strings that held her all these years.

She turned left. After a short while, she stopped. She had come far away from the genesis. She heaved a sigh of relief. With a smile, she walked towards a new beginning. And this walk defined the life she led thereafter. She lived life her way, no strings attached. And she loved the responsibility that came with living the life of an individual...the life of a running mind...