Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Line

She was sitting in the arts room in the afternoon, with a pencil in one hand and a "what-am-I-supposed-to-do" expression in the other. She was eagerly waiting to hear her favourite sound...the school bell. The clock nearby the window was lazily ticking away, as if it had no destination to reach. As she was staring at the clock, the notorious villain, Anaahita's teacher came and scolded her. She returned her hazy gaze to the plain sheet which was resting on her desk. The sheet stared back at Anaahita.

The teacher had told the class to draw something based on the theme- "Lines". So, Anaahita drew a line on the untouched sheet. Then she drew another line. And then one more in the middle of those two lines... And then she wrote an 'A'. Then the self-confessed lover wrote her name all over the sheet. How attractive it looked, she thought to herself. The teacher came, saw and took away her sheet and told her to be more creative. Anaahita protested by reiterating that she had drew some lines which made sense. With a new plain, white and dull companion she began to think on the "lines" of the theme. She started chanting "lines, lines, lines..." in her mind to get some idea of what this topic meant. She thought of lines that separate people...lines that unite people...lines that lead to happiness...lines that lead to sadness...lines that lead to an innocent smile...lines that lead to an angry frown. Anaahita gasped. She finally knew what this theme meant.

Lines... Such an integral part of our life, yet so indiscernible. Lines that come and go like wind...lines that stay for life...lines that scar...lines that begin everything, and there are lines that bring an end.. The simplest, yet the most hated line, the Line of Control came first to Anaahita's mind. Then she thought about her grandmother's wrinkles...then her mother's scars on her hands... Anaahita stared at the clock. She'd never wandered so much in her thoughts ever before... She saw lines everywhere. So, she was still confused as to what to draw on the dull, white sheet which now was more interested in flying out of the window.

Within the last fifteen minutes of the time frame given to the class, Anaahita drew whatever she could gather from her thoughts. She thought since there cannot be a summation of "Lines", she drew the Cross of Jesus Christ. Satisfactorily, she gave her piece of art to the teacher.


  1. nicely written, it's very well knitted piece of writing...

  2. interesting!..i like d way u move 4m microscopic to macroscopic things and then u..[die]:-P lolzz! ya it duz rmnd me of 'falling down..'& u-know-who;) was quite a thoughtful u din mention my fave lines..d lines f d palm!!;)

    nwy it ws a pleasure to read dis one:) ..light,playful&still makes u think,esply d end...

    PS: is it my imagination or u deliberately chose a name like 'Anaahita' which doesnt have letters like S,D,B,G, etc..i mean it has only doz ltrs wich cn b easily made by 'lines';)

  3. wonderful capitavating..
    thoughts of anaahita are well expressed ..

    my blog

  4. hey that was nice...

    i think by drawing a cross she resorted to escapism, since she probably knew or thought that the teacher wouldnt wanna hurt religious sentiments but criticising a cross.

    my theory..was tht what u intended? [:P]

    keep writing

  5. very well written!!!

    nice interplay of words!! very interesting..liked the way you showed the various depiction of lines in life !!!

    brilliant ending btw !! keep posting :)

    You have got immense potential.very good plots and fine execution.Congratulations.i will keep on reading your works.Call me MAN IN PAINTING....

  7. Hey as always m spellbound.u set a scene first,with ur words and then one can actually imagine.'picturistic'writing!
    u noe u brought back memories of my art classes,i cud actually imagine me sitting in my school's art!
    And i never ever thought/realised that 'Line' represents so many things....u sure r philosophical.

  8. .. u r a g8 scene setter... all ur blogs are like.. sum kinda story wich every1 can relate to..... wat a thoughtful piece yaar.... lines.... i can think o so many lines....

    G8 GOIN :)

  9. "lines that begin everything, and there are lines that bring an end.."
    You should have elaborated on this one.....
    The analogy made between 'lines' and 'life' is simple and fresh.

    You have the ability to write things inside out....u should also work on making things go upside down...:) :) :D

    gud one...

  10. very well written !!

    the beauty of the words cannot be expressed !!!

    if this post wud have been written by somebody else it wudnt have been so intersted !! but u made it interested!!

  11. Hey brilliant piece of writing.... i guess ur very good story teller, ur style of describing environment and setting up the stage is very good....

    reminded one of those classes in my school....

    Keep writing.....

  12. interesting and very well written..

  13. oi a very well written post. Lines are beautifully expressed. You pen down the words soo well.

    Keep it up.


  14. Hindu Svastik would have been a better option... and more creative.

  15. a sweet little post.

    i liked the way you portrayed the various thoughts that were running through her mind...our mind indeed is much faster than we think.

    keep writing... :)

  16. some really great set of thoughts here , great visual description of life

  17. Beautifully thought out and written.
    You have slowly moved from a class room and taken a larger perspective of things and expressed through the central character's thoughts.

    It was simple and captivating!
    Keep writing more

  18. Feelings well penned down.....though i felt u could have ended it much better...Anyways, no offence meant...
    U write well...
    Keep writing..


  19. excellent piece. i luv it!!! as is the case with all ur work.

    when i was reading ur blog, my mind was racing about wht "lines" to me. lines are a series of dots. dots as we all know are infinite points in space and hence anything made of infinite parts is in essence and virtue infinite...basically wht i'm trying to say is u have managed to capture something infinitely beautiful in just as beautiful words.


  20. I really liked the way it kept me glued to my screen as I read along..
    And the topic was amazingly different and attractive..
    I just have two words for you..Simply Great!!

    Happy Writing :)

  21. Cool - the lines you wrote just connected real well......great buildup & super end.
    Makes one want to read more lines from you.

  22. Kind of interesting...Even I wrote a post similar to this...Geographies or relations...And its so true that you can very well map it!

    this is the post im talking about:

    Cheers !

  23. The thought, so much more important, than the event. So much the gist, and rightfully the story's hero, Not any character. Bravo!

    and excellent descriptions, i have to admit.

  24. Hi..i loved it..:)i'm adding u to my list

  25. It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us.