Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Life of a Running Mind

She was running. In fact, she was heavily panting. Profuse drops of sweat ran on her neck, her back. Her legs were tired. Her mind was still active, though. She had a 22-year-old body which, fortunately, was vigilantly in touch with her mind. She was running straight. She kept in mind not to disturb or hurt any entity during her journey. She had a goal to follow the straight path, and follow the road. Sometimes she felt like changing her track and taking a turn, but her mind did not permit her since Home was close. She did not want them to know her act of disobedience. So she did what was expected of her.

Since her early years, she had been told the do's and don'ts of living. Her parents told her to do what her elder brother did. Her elder sibling did what the parents said. She did not want to be a puppet crafted with lifeless strings. So, she ran. She ran without an end. She ran without a destination. She ran without any limit. But she ran straight.

When she had traversed a long distance from home, she changed her track. She turned right. She breathed in a new air. A new air of freedom, a new air of satisfaction. She felt like an individual. The 22-year-old puppet realized the existence of a soul in her. She ran happily. She ran like she was dancing. She ran like pounding drum beats. She ran like a haunting violin being played in the sea. She ran how a dog pleads for a bone with the tongue sticking out. She ran like a child crying for love. She ran with arms open wide letting go of the strings that held her all these years.

She turned left. After a short while, she stopped. She had come far away from the genesis. She heaved a sigh of relief. With a smile, she walked towards a new beginning. And this walk defined the life she led thereafter. She lived life her way, no strings attached. And she loved the responsibility that came with living the life of an individual...the life of a running mind...


  1. well... invariably the current generation does feel the suffocation some where or the other and it is good if one can seek a new beginning and yes the road may not be filled with roses always .. nice depiction .. wondering how much of the character in the story pertains to the author ;)

  2. Ahhh freedom! Independence is very very sweet! Being able to make your own decisions, changing the path of your life as per your whim and fancy is a special treat and all humans should be entitled to it!

  3. What I feel about life is that, noone can smother anyone to an extent that one feels like running into nowhere.

    believe me....its true....

    practically what happens is that one may get caught in relations, behaviour, reactions, circumstances etc etc etc. temporarily.....but running away is an insensible thing and shud never be kept as an option, ......!!!!!!

    well thats my I alwaz say....

    keep writing

  4. is this ur story?

    asking coz i feel this story is common to most gals in india.

    theyre expected to do what her parents and samaaj tells her to do.and she doesnt think for herself, she might have thoughts of her own, but all her actions are what her parents command.its sad, coz that way, she inavertently hurts and disappoints a few ppl she comes in contact with on her journey

    nice post

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  5. Well written Aditi!

    Actually its the tendency of the mind to look in for established patterns or easiest way out. And this is what we call as comfort zone and it needs a conscious effort to be able to break free and enter the zone of uncertainty.

    Putting a simple eg: When we want to go to a place that we had visited earlier, by default we look in for the route that we had traversed before. The mind tries to re-create the pattern again first. We do not normally decide to take an unexplored route to the same place.

    Keep writing....

  6. Yes I agree....
    It does a world of good when u r independent in thinking....
    That's where the problem in India is i feel.....Almost all people heading towards the same goal post....
    I also feel for many parents shld understand that after a certain age u must be left to think own....
    But not to forget that the so called 'strings attached' has helped u to a respectable person till date...
    Anyway, a nice topic very well said....

    Keep writing...


  7. Well written
    The race to what you really want is great indeed.
    Please feel free to visit my site and put down what you feel about it.

  8. nice concept. erratic stream of thought, quite disjointed actually. by the end of it, it seemed that you were trying to break from the set cliches but couldn't.

  9. Sometimes we need to run before having that peaceful walk! ;)

  10. This post represents the feelings of the present teenagers of India suffering problems of generation gap.

    I was lost while reading it. Nice one.
    Keep writing.

  11. Yeah!it is always about running.Don't you remember Forest Gump running.He just ran because he just felt so.People atarted running after him.If you feel running,just keep running.But never run away from anything.Just run into things.
    Best wishes for a long run.
    Thanx for the comments.
    I have a new post.
    please read.
    i value your comments.

  12. Running to find a new identity is better than running away from an established one! Good expression of a common chord.

    Thanks for visiting my blog..keeps my spirit upbeat :)

  13. hmm....i like the topic and you have done justice to it. the angst of wanting to break free comes across strongly.

    having said that, it seemed that you were just trying to hard. dont get me wrong, its just that u have a very organic way of writing but as is evident from the 1st para u just overshot it a bit. . .as a result ur grammer took a dive.

    a great read apart from a few grammatical errors......utna toh chalta hai... :)

  14. very well written! loved it.. the plunge into independence can create wonders!

  15. hey, i can relate to what u are feeling coz i ran away, literally, but i came back... You realize that running away is not the solution in the long run, since u don't want a solitary existence, right?

    So, the solution is to try to explain to ur parents what YOU want... Coz they love ya in their own twisted way... If they accept it, fine, nahi toh be frim they can't bodily force ya to do something, right?

    Happy fighting!!

    Do swing by mah blog whenever u have time.

  16. This is the kind of writing I've got a penchant towards..
    Awesome is the word!!

  17. hi very nice post :) love the way u write

  18. very nice! really loved the post.. guess i'm going to follow ur blog..
    isra ;)..

  19. written by an over-protected rebellious... :)
    isnt it?

  20. wow interesting write up with good capture of feelings.
    saw your blog link in orkut so paid you a visit.