Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Dreaming Titli

Titli was wondering why her brother, Rahul, became so enthusiastic whenever he went out to play cricket in the evening...she was thinking what can be so special and magical about a game of a bat and a ball? Rahul had many a times tried to explain to her that cricket is his life, but the 11-year-old Titli failed to understand the importance of wood and leather in his life. So one evening, she thought of watching Rahul play. Through her half-sleepy eyes, she watched her brother batting and her neighbour bowling to him. She watched 4 balls being bowled, and nothing happening. And then suddenly, Rahul hit a six...and the crowd, which had the likes of rickshaw walas, nearby shops' owners, some employees, and some neighbours who were standing in their balconies who had nothing better to do in the evening; started shouting with joy and chanting Rahul's name loudly. Titli got scared of all the noise. She called her mother and informed her about the noise outside. Her mother started laughing and said, "Pagli Titli, your brother is playing well, which is no reason to be scared of." Her mother went back. Since Titli still couldn't understand the prodigiousness of hitting a six and breaking a neighbour's window, she went inside to watch television.

When Rahul came back in the night, all sweaty and smiling, he had a chocolate in his hand which he gave to Titli. Titli without questioning her brother's generosity and euphoria, opened the chocolate and started eating it. Rahul just smiled and went in the kitchen to inform his mother that his team had won. Titli heard that and immediately went to the kitchen. Rahul saw her, pointed towards the chocolate and said, "And that was my trophy." Rahul and his mother started laughing.

The next day, Titli was painting something for her mother, while her mother was watching television. Titli suddenly said, "Why is bhai so passionate about cricket? It's just a game..." Her mother said, "It's more than a game to him." Titli raised the paint brush, like a lawyer makes a point in the court; and said, "But I still don't understand." Her mother said, "What does a paint brush mean to you?" Titli stared at her mother and then at the paint brush and then at her mother. Titli said, "I like painting. The paint brush helps me in doing so. Infact I can become a painter..." Titli started dreaming with the paint brush resting on her face. Her mother said, "Titli, you can definitely become a painter but don't paint on your face!" Titli who was still lost in her dreams asked her mother, "Ma, is dreaming a good thing to do?" Her mother didn't reply. She stared at Titli. Titli shook her mother from her thoughts and asked the question again. Her mother said, "Well, dreaming is as important as breathing...it's important to dream about yourself, your future or your present. Happy? Now complete your painting."

After half an hour, Titli showed her mother the painting. Her mother was choked with emotions. Rahul saw the painting and stared at Titli and said, "You have made this!" Titli said, "It may not be perfectly painted...but the emotion is perfectly there in it. She's free...to fly...to dream...to breathe. She represents Life." Titli's mother and brother were speechless.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Aisa Bhi Hota Hai...!

Once Upon A Time...

[Every human is sleeping. It's 2 am. Puchee (the PC) is having a conversation with Tubie (the Tube light).]

Puchee- Are you sleeping, Tubie?

Tubie- Like a good, obedient tube light; yes I am! Go to sleep Puchee or my mom will wake up in the next room.

Puchee- Listen, Tubie...we need to talk...you are my only friend in this room. You know how Pankhi is. [Puchee does not like Pankhi (the fan) as she spreads rumours about Puchee and Tubie's relationship in the air.]

Tubie- Ok, fine what?

Puchee- I had a dream last night. A really bad dream. It really turned me off...

Tubie- What happened? Did you dream again about the mouse eating the keys? Or is it about the speakers now?

Puchee- [almost sweating] Well...I...dreamt...

Tubie- [now completely awake] What happened? You're sweating! What did you dream about?

Puchee- Forget it. Goodnight Tubie. Go to sleep. Sorry to switch you on.

Tubie- Oh come on! You always do this. Why do you create such drama? Just tell me whatever you dreamt about.

Puchee- Tubie, I said I'm sorry. Goodnight.

Tubie- [really angry] Puchee tell me your dream or else I'll wake up Pankhi and tell her what we were doing yesterday afternoon when she was sleeping...!

Puchee- [scared] You wont tell Pankhi. You can't do something like that Tubie. Tubie I trust you.

Tubie- Then tell me your dream and let me switch off peacefully.

Puchee- Ok...I dreamt about you kissing MP. [MP (Mobile Phone) is considered as Puchee's replacement. She is now liked by every human as she possesses more features than Puchee.]

Tubie- Oh... [tries hard to hide his smirk] Puchee, that was just a dream.

[Puchee is crying, which means the UPS is making noise.]

Tubie- Don't cry Puchee, that human will wake up.

[Puchee is still crying.]

Tubie- Puchee, it was just a dream. I don't even like MP. I like you. MP maybe having more services than you, but I still love you. MP is always roaming around. But you remain at one place. And I like that.

Puchee- [stops crying] How sweet. I love you too Tubie. [smiles]

Tubie- [smiles] Now go to sleep and let me dream about you. [He was actually thinking about MP.]

Puchee- [blushes] Goodnight Tubie.

And they functioned happily ever after...