Tuesday, January 15, 2008

She Fought With Life

She was watching up there. Nobody on the beach knew she was thinking about her mother. She had lost her when she was five years old. Her childhood had been quite painful. Her mother had died in a car accident. She loved her mother the most...but now she had learned to love her brother and father...

The girl was searching for her angel in the sky. She believes God has assigned an angel for her. And all she saw was the blueness of the deep ocean in the air. She didn't lose hope. She made up her mind to come again the next day. She got up and left for home. She didn't enjoy the journey from the beach to her home. She preferred being lonely than being with her brother and father. She wanted to like them, love them; but they didn't understand her pain...because now they had learned to erase the girl's mother from their memories...

So she had to leave the comfort of loneliness and aboard the torturous flight of slavery. She lived the life of a slave to her brother and father...her brother was allowed to go to school, but the father thought that girls are supposed to remain at homes. So all she did the whole day was curse her existence and pray to God.

One day when all of them were having dinner quietly, the father asked the girl that why does she go to the beach everyday? The girl didn't have an answer. Her brother also asked her the same. She finally said- "to breathe some moments of life...and to be free". The girl stared at the father and brother and then rested her eyes on her plate. Her father and brother started laughing. She raised her eyes and asked them- "why, is it wrong to wish to be free?" Her father said- "No, but it's wrong to stare at your father and elder brother in that manner". The brother smirked, and they continued eating. The girl just stared back at her father and brother as a retort to their sadism. The girl liked fighting with her father and brother. She liked fighting with misery...because this is what she had learned from her role model, her mother; to fight and to enjoy the fight.

The next day, at the beach, she saw a mother running after her son, and the son enjoying the run-and-chase game with her...the girl just smiled and enjoyed the run-and-chase game with sadness, and so her fight continued with Life.