Sunday, October 21, 2007

THE END. . .

I was just 25 minutes away from home...had a long day at work, so wanted to accelerate my journey. And I call a 25 minute drive a journey because I strongly believe that life is a journey and secondly, because I'm quite a philosopher. So I increased the speed of the car to match up to the speed of the wind which was brushing across my face.

It was a dark and lonely night. I had my eyes on the end of the road. The end of the road...the end of a task...the end of a wish...the end of a journey...the end of the beginning...the end of nothing...the end of everything...

When I thought deeply about it, it was so true. We're always trying to reach an end. We're always trying to reach some goals. We're always focused towards The End.

When you're watching a movie, you want to know its end. If you're doing a project, you want to reach its end. If you're travelling, you want to reach to your destination. If you're reading a book, you want to reach to the last page. When you sleep in the night, you're reaching the end to Today. When you're fighting, you want to reach to your win, the end of the fight. When you're praying, you're trying to reach an end to the reason why you're praying. When you're laughing, you want to reach to the end of your sadness. When you're running in a race, you're trying to reach the finish line. When you're dancing, you want to reach to the end of the peak of your energy levels.

When you're breathing, you're trying to reach an end to every second left of your life. And we're all running towards our ends. We all want to be there first.

I turned left towards my home and I reached to the end of my journey for today.