Monday, September 17, 2007

Falling Down...Into Nowhere...

I was just admiring the looked so serene, so beautiful. I wanted to capture it, so I took out my camera out of my bag, and clicked the scorching elegant star along with the mountain it seemed to rest upon. Since I like to click a subject from various angles, for the sake of experimentation, I, foolishly, walked up to the extreme edge of the mountain...fixed my camera in the air to secure a spectacular picture for it to stay in my memory…but I instead got a very different experience altogether…which surely has stayed in my memory longer than the “spectacular photograph” I wanted to take.

To admire the power of nature, I went a step ahead (quite literally) and fell deep down...into nowhere...

At first I felt numb. I didn't want to shout, because I did not want to hear my echoed voice. It's not like I don't like my voice, but I thought it would have been futile to shout in no-man's land for help. So, I tried to look down and see where I was falling, and all I could see was darkness. For some weird reason, I felt amazed by the situation I was in. I mean I thought it was amazing to fall into nature's arms...

In spite of that creepy darkness I could still see a lot. I could see a future. I could see myself as a part of a happy family. I could see myself as a very successful person. I could see myself enjoying life. Then I thought...what would my country be like? Will people still be terrorized by Osama Bin Laden? Or will television still show unrealistic, melodramatic reality shows? Will people still remain selfish? Will India still remain an under developing nation? Will our society still be infected by 'diseases'? Will cricket still remain media's favorite sport? Will the infamous politics prevalent in every system of the society ever die?

And before I could think of anything else, Death hit me...and those questions remained unanswered...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wake Up Or Your Life Will End!

The title of this blog is not as complicated as it may seem to be. You just need to understand what 'waking up' means and what 'end of life' means. Well no, waking up doesn't mean getting up from your bed every morning. Neither does end of life mean death.

By waking up, I mean opening your eyes which are placed in the mind. See the world not just as a place where you come, do your own thing and vanish some day. The world is not a hotel, where you pay some money, get room for some period of time, stay in that four-walled place doing whatever you want to do; being completely ignorant of people outside your room and after a while leave that place as if it was never yours.

Unlock the butterflies in your eyes, and see what kind of a place you live in, what the World outside your four-walled room offers. Life is not all about eating, sleeping, drinking, watching television, and satisfying your self. At night when sleep hasn't captured you as yet, you may be thinking how good you looked today or how will you spend the money your parents just gave to you, but some people at night are left thinking how would they feed their family the next day, or when will that day come when they will be able to consume 3 meals a day, or will they still be living under the same roof tomorrow?

Stop thinking how she/he would react when you'll propose her/him. Think how that kid would be feeling after you closed the window of your car, and how you ridiculed him, how you made fun of his life, his aspirations, his dreams. Think about the daily routine of that kid who you saw yesterday sitting in a corner on the roadside, begging.

Eating a full meal in the afternoon is as important to the underprivileged and under thought-about people as to you owning the latest mobile or the latest laptop or the latest IPod is.

If you cannot wake up to this world, then you have no right to see or hear or speak or...breathe. And you'll end your life as a blank page. Blank pages are uninteresting and unwanted, like the four-walled rooms.

And this is what the title means.