Friday, August 24, 2007


Drops of water from the eyes...
Somewhere some one is crying because she feels lonely. Somewhere some one is crying because he flunked in an exam. Somewhere some one is sobbing because she's trying to conceal her pain to make it visible and audible only to the walls surrounding her. Somewhere a poor woman is howling because she is not able to procure food for her children. Somewhere some one is crying because he wants to die. Somewhere some one is depressed because she rejected him.
Somewhere some one is depressed because he didn't get the job.

Somewhere some one is not happy with his/her life and we, self-obsessed and ignorant individuals don't bother to think about anyone else except ourselves.
Is any one there to lend an ear or even a thought? Is any one humane enough to spare just a second of their lives? Is any one capable of getting out of the closed, restricted box which is called 'Me'?

A curve on the face...
Somewhere some one is laughing because his friend just cracked a very good joke. Somewhere some one is blushing because she just dreamt of her wedding with her favorite actor. Somewhere some one is smiling because she just made a roadside beggar smile. Somewhere some one is giggling because her puppy just licked her face. Somewhere some one is smirking because he just ran away from the jail. Somewhere some one is shouting happily because her favorite cricketer just hit a boundary. Somewhere a one and a half year old infant is thrilled because he is irritating his mother.

The "Moral" is that try to find happiness in which ever way you can. Enjoy the simplicities as well as complexities of life.

And last but not the least, Somewhere some one is reading this.


  1. "Yes, there is a Nirvanah; it is leading your sheep to a green pasture, and in putting your child to sleep, and in writing the last line of your poem...and in fginding happiness in the smallest of me...and the largest of you "

    it was good....
    it really was...

  2. you have got excellent stream of thought... keep thinking.... and writing....

  3. hallloozzz!! nice one agn! :) very very true!! kp it up!

  4. Wow! u keep improving with every new blog. The flow of this particular piece is really smooth. Keep it up!!

  5. Hi!!!! Read your blog.Wat u said is very true.I think better articulation can make your article even more beautiful.Keep up your good work!!!

  6. Nice piece, got such an opportunity after a long time.Pl. do inform whenever you post new writings next time.
    I read someone suggesting you some books to improve ideas. I do not agree to this proposal as it will kill your individuality and distinct identity.
    Keep it up.

  7. hey.. it is really good, u have written in very simple, yet interesting and capturing style ..
    you have revealed your thoughts very b'fully.
    i really like your thinking.. keep on thinking and writing..
    i also like your other blogs too.. especially, 'whether i m fake or world is fake'.. b'ce i m also thinking in the same manner these days...
    i m also thinking of making my blog as i dnt have one as of now..
    KEEP IT UP..!!

  8. @ Nandini-->
    Thanx a lot for commenting. I'm glad you liked my style of writing and thinking, and...well its a big compliment for me if someone says that I can relate to what you, thank you :)
    And i'm looking forward to ur blog...
    Are you on orkut?

  9. I hope many more read this
    Keep penning