Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happy Times v/s Happy Times

I remember those mornings when I used to get up early, and brush my teeth in 60 seconds, bathe in 2 minutes and wrap myself into my school uniform in 5 minutes and insanely strive to get ready as fast as possible...and despite of such hard work I used to reach school late most of the times..and I was left stranded outside my school building cajoling the security guard to let me in as I was just 5/7 minutes late.
And when that cajoling part was done, I crawled into MY school. School was like a second home, and I'm glad it was like that..or else going to school is a painful experience. I had a couple of fantastic friends there who understood me, who supported me, and who liked me the way I am. Well funnily one of them doesn't even call me now..the last time we talked, she said she's busy. I wondered about how much she has changed. Then I realised that maybe she was never a close friend. She was just meant to be an acquaintance. It shook me, it hurt me, it shattered me. The simple realities of life shattered me.
Anyway, it's been half a month now since we heard each other's voices. So now I reckon that as time goes, she'll forget me(if she hasn't already!) and I also, somehow, will forget her.

The best part of my life was my last schooling years. Those times were weird. And by weird I mean they were amazing. You never wanted those moments to go. You always wanted to capture them. Because one always had in mind that this is the last time I'll be doing this or I'll be doing that.
And now when I'm in college, the first feeling I encounter is that school was entirely different. I cannot say that college is better or school was better, as my college experience is just 17 days old. But..those going to school moments, joking around with friends, burning the midnight oil during exams, doing incomplete homework after satisfactorily cursing the teachers..all these moments cannot be reproduced in any part of your life ever again.
But on the other hand I guess when I'll be leaving college, this will be the same feeling I'll be encountering at that point of time.


  1. gr8 start 2 da blog " Ms. ADITI"
    keep up da good work

  2. gawwwdd..... i go thru a same feeling..!! i miss it lykk hell!!!!!! school lyff.... gud work... expressin it into words!!!!!

  3. i liked ur latest blog. the rain hidin da girls tears was really original. u definitely have loads of potential. i like da raw emotive quality of ur work.

  4. hey! nice work!! waise whoz dis busy frnd of urs haann?? ;)
    hey! visit mine too..

    now, don search luv in mah der isnt!!

  5. hey dat is very true!skool was sum other world in itself whch all of us remeber everyday aftr passing out......but then colg is another life!m sure it wud b as memorable!gud wrk!

  6. lovely! and verry real..this is exaclty what goes around in th minds of school leavers..every moment expresses its wish to be captured indeed..u hav put these thoughts in an excellent form..and thrs a lot of originality in ur writing..gud going!!

  7. hey, this one actually reminded me of my school days....and I really like ur style of writing....KUDDOS!!!

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